The Plugin allows you to shorten links for the WordPress pages and articles from the Wordpress admin panel. It's a time-saving feature as you don't need to copy a long link and shorten it on manually.

Installing on your WordPress website is a simple procedure with some minor specialties. Let's take a look at the instruction below. allows adding plugins only on a business price plan. However, we can easily avoid restrictions by applying a trick. If you have a free plan on WordPress, continue reading. If your WordPress price plan is business, jump to the "How to add the plugin" section.

How to add a plugin on a free plan

  1. Go to "" It is an admin panel, which displays all necessary website data.

  2. Click on Tools and choose the "Export" option.

  1. Select Start export in a free version.
  1. Download a file on a PC. The file is the .xml format.
  1. Install WordPress using one of the web hosting, which provides WordPress downloading: Bluehost, HostGator.

  2. When WordPress is installed, import an .xml file:
    Tools – Import – WordPress – Browse file – Upload file and import.

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How to Add the Plugin

  1. Go to "" It is an admin panel, which displays all necessary website data.

  2. From the Wordpress Dashboard, choose Plugins then click on Add.

  3. Search for WP in a search line.

  4. Select Install – OK and ultimately Activate Plugin.

  5. This will return you to the WordPress Plugins page. Find WP in the list and click the "Settings" option to configure.

  6. Enter your API key. You will find your API key in your account, the Integration&API tab.

Watch the video guide below to install the Plugin.

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