Vanity link is the same as a short or branded link. To create it, choose a domain, and a TLD, as well as customize a slug. As a result, you will get memorable, informative, short and clickable URL.

However, the attractiveness is not the only advantage of a vanity link.

Benefits of using short URLs for your business:

- Increase brand recognition.

When you create a vanity link, use a custom domain. The more users see your brand name, the more likely they will remember it while choosing a product trademark. It is a vanity link, which easily stays in users’ memory.

- Increase brand trust.

Some short links scare users: they look strange, and the link content is not explicit (all of a sudden, it's spam or a virus). A branded domain and a customized link help to increase brand recognition. With it, links look safer and more secure not confusing customers with an unknown address.

- Improve SEO.

Use keywords in the URL slug. Keywords play a considerable role in the ranking of the page. However, do not add too many keywords to URLs, as search robots may consider them as spam.

- Track statistics.

To measure the success of publishing on social networks, you may use a bunch of UTM tags. However, such a link is too long and takes extra space.

Using a shortening service can help you track social media engagement. It not only shortens links, but also tracks the clicks. For example, how many users visit your website from a certain post. Besides, you get additional information about users: a country, a city, a device, and a browser.

- Increase CTR.

It is essential for internet users to click on trustworthy links. Customers should know what is hidden behind the link at first sight. This is a psychological factor, which plays a crucial role. Seeing something cute, both you and I will desire to touch it; this also happens with customers. When they see a beautiful link, trust, assurance, and a nice URL make them click on it. Therefore, the CTR of vanity links is 40% higher than of long URLs.


Shortening service is a necessary tool used by developers, SMM specialists, bloggers, and business owners. If your link shortener is too expensive or has a few features, test It is the cheapest service on the market with an extensive set of features.

What did you learn:

  • What is a vanity link?
  • Benefits of using short links.
  • Why do you need short branded links?

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