Short URL Management: What Is It?

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Short URL Management: What Is It?

URL management is the ability to edit, optimize, analyze and control all links you have created.

Links are a powerful instrument towards the brand promotion. They are everywhere: on websites, articles, email marketing campaigns, news lines, social networks. URLs are those little bits, which connect all the Internet pages. Therefore, it’s essential for you to take full control of the links.

It is shortening services that give you a vast opportunity to manage all your links: from creating to analyzing, sharing and filtering.

How to take control of URLs?

The first step of link management is using a custom domain. You can create links with the name of your brand, which is important for brand promotion, trust and CTR.

Moreover, for the convenience, connect subdomains to the domain. This helps users to navigate within your links easily, and marketers to analyze the links success.

Using gives you a chance to make a quick registration and start controlling link within the platform. is an easy-to-use service, as it provides all necessary features: filtering, sharing, archiving, and editing short links straight from the dashboard.

URL management leads to better organizing

If all links are stored in one place, their organization and control are simpler. You may create a team and give access to the team members for collaborative work. Appoint appropriate roles to the teammates to share, create, and edit links from one place. With, you may add anyone just for observing and sharing links.

Such collaborative work helps to avoid links duplication in sharing, as each team member is acquainted with the role. This keeps your links more organized and managed, and help to analyze the success.

In case two marketers are responsible for different types of content – tag links. When colleagues search for links, they will easily find a necessary one with filter, tags and a search bar. This is one more step towards convenient and successful links management.

Protect your brand with destination editing

Don’t panic after sending a short link with the wrong original URL. Successful link management lies in controlling everything, including destination editing. is worrying about the success of your short links, so it lets you edit original URL in case of the mistake. However, besides the correcting a wrong URL, you may also update the destination for up-to-date information. For example, link bio on Instagram, which may lead to the latest article or vlog.

If using a generic URL shortener, you aren’t able to change internal features like customize a slug, or edit destination. With, it’s possible.

Enhance your links success

The true link management ends up with analysis. It lets you understand, which marketing campaign works better, which FAQ interests customers more. To build a robust marketing analysis, add UTM parameters. This lets you make deep insights into the data effectiveness. With them, you may optimize your marketing campaigns.


Whether you run a big or small business, link management is inevitable. The reasons above display its importance. With the tool, you may easily take control over all your links, and make them a powerful instrument towards brand success. is a flexible and secure service, which provides an extensive set of features.

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