You do not need to register a new domain name for shortening links if you own one that works properly. Create a subdomain, using a domain you already have.

Important: You can't add a domain of your existing website to for shortening links. This will disrupt the work of your site. Add a subdomain to the website domain and shorten links with it. The advantages are cost-saving, brand recognition and properly working website.

In case you didn't find a guide specially for your domain registrar, follow the general instruction below to configure a subdomain for shortening links.

  1. Go to your domain registrar.

  2. Choose a necessary domain.

  3. Open DNS settings.

  4. Add two records:

    a) A-record, "yoursubdomain" host, value ( IP).

    b) A-record, "yoursubdomain" host, value ( IP).

  5. Save.

  6. Go to account. Click on "Add new domain".

  1. Add a new subdomain+domain name. For example, "".
  1. Scroll down and click on "Add a domain".
  1. Domain activation takes a few hours. When a domain is active, you will be notified by the email.

A step-by-step video guide helps you with subdomain cinfiguration.

The article is about:

  • Subdomain setup instruction.
  • How to add a subdomain to
  • The website domain.
  • Use a subdomain to shorten links.

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