Blog statistics helps to track the success of each short link and domain in the whole.

Measuring the link statistics is free of charge for any price plan. You can start to observe the analytical data at once you shorten the first link.
The statistics elements are divided conveniently into charts and tables. The data statistics consists of:

1. Total clicks.
The total number of clicks made on the shortened link.
2. Unique clicks.
The number of clicks from total made by humans, not bots.

3. Date range.
The statistical data are displayed for some period. It can be standard interval as “this week”, “last months”, “from the beginning” or the custom interval set by you.
4. Click statistics.
The click rating is presented in the bar chart. This lets you observe the day and time of maximum and minimum number of clicks.
5. Devices used.
The device which customers used while clicking on the short link. This can be desktop, mobile, tablet or something another. The data is displayed in the chart.
6. Top referrers.
The top referring channels – from social media channels to YouTube and partners.**
7. Social referrers.
The rating of social networks where customer clicked on the shortened branded link.
8. Top browsers.
The top of the browsers used by customers to click on the shortened link.
9. Top countries.
The top of the countries from which clicks were made.
Shortening links is impossible without tracking the statistics. This is an essential step to the way of strengthening the brand. By observing the link success regularly, you can realize what really attracts your customers. Simultaneously, in case of low engaging, it helps you to think about the strategy of improving the links activity.

In case of obstacles feel free to contact support.