Social media marketing is gaining popularity every day. Every day social media options are changing making a work of media marketers complicated. The Instagram algorithm, Facebook privacy policy, Twitter limitations – are the obstacles on the way of each social media marketer. Despite the barriers and mysteries of the working process, marketers continue achieving the brand’s goals. helps social marketers build brand awareness and engage new customers. Let’s take a closer look at how social media marketers can use to simplify the work process.

Use Short Link Everywhere You Can

Creating a short link for each URL lets share and promote them easily. A vanity URL engages users, because it’s branded, clear, and customized. People at once recognize the brand and understand the link content. URLs, like “,” will definitely succeed in conquering the audience.

Adidas is an example of using a branded short link on Instagram bio. The link has a branded domain and a configured slug, which lets users guess the idea of the content.


Share and Analyze Short Links Success

Use to share resources across the funnel, anywhere from the beginning of the customers’ journey. You can include a short link in each social media post and even text message to track the touchpoints. Short URLs let understand which channels get clicked the most. Without links, you would be left guessing which content topics or titles the target audience prefers.

Short links in welcome-messages allow testing and measuring which types of messages would get the most responses. With this simple tool, you’ll improve the customers experience right from the beginning. links also help compare Facebook performance to other social networks. Although Facebook may be more popular comparing to other channels, use short links to increase engagement on other platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Nowadays, people are on multiple channels. To be competitive, you need to build a multi-channel brand.

By tracking the statistics of short links, social marketers understand which title of the post gets more clicks and on which platforms. This helps to decide which strategy is performing better.

Through tracking the short links success, find out the ages, genders, geographic regions of users so that to be extra strategic when engaging customers. The key option is that allows tracking the most appropriate time for sharing the content.

Practical Insights

Insight: By using, share short links straight from the dashboard. Choose the offered social networks, and click a share button.

Insight: integrates with Buffer service for automatic sharing. When the link is shortened, it will be sent to the specified social channels automatically. The advantage is that the post will contain a link title, description, and a web page preview that is essential for grabbing customers’ attention.

By choosing Buffer, you can not only send links to the eight social networks but also schedule the posts.


How to set up Buffer Zap


Insight: detailed statistics let social marketers tracking human clicks, location, social networks, used devices, date and time of a click.

Insight: Here are some apps for the advanced analysis of short links.

  • Google Analytics helps to map the behavior of users from the very first visit. The statistical report is conveniently designed with graphs and tables.
  • Google Tag Manager lets you set up tags to monitor users’ actions. For example, to track the number of people clicking on short links or specific CTAs. Implement the tags to send them to your third-party analytical service.
  • UTM tags is a simple tool you can use to get accurate statistics. UTM parameters help you to identify, which of your campaigns generate revenue and which don’t.
  • Heap automatically captures every web, mobile, and cloud interaction: clicks, submits, transactions, emails, and more.
  • Mixpanel tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications as well as provides tools for targeted communication.

How to set up advanced analytics


What did you learn?

  • Social media marketers use API.
  • API for short links.
  • Short links assist in promoting brand on social media.

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