Save Time With Create Short Links Straight from Slack

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Save Time With Create Short Links Straight from Slack

Slack is a service for collaborative work. It is usually used for corporate chatting, and sharing company news. Thanks to Slack channels and integrations with other apps, you may customize essential notifications. For example, new clicks, visits, or updates. integrates with Slack for creating links directly from the workspace.

How to configure?

There are two ways of configuring and Slack integration.

  1. With Zapier app. Send messages to Slack channels, when a new link is created.
  2. With and Slack apps.

The second method lets create short links straight from the Slack service. The advantages are that you can quickly shorten a link without any additional program, and then immediately share a new link with your team or business partners.

Follow the instruction to configure and Slack integration.

  1. Log into account.

  2. Go to the “Integrations&API” tab.

  3. Scroll to "Slack integration."

  4. Click on "Add to Slack."

  5. Choose a domain for shortening links.

  6. Go to your Slack workspace.

  7. Write “/shorten” in any Slack channel/conversation and paste a long link.

  8. Send this message, and the service will respond with a short URL.

Watch a video-guide below to make the installation process clear. In case of any questions, contact support.

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