SLA stands for Service Level Agreement and is responsible for service quality you use and pay for. provides customers with SLA - 99.5% what means that if short branded links are unavailable for 3.75 hours in sum for one month, will refund 150$ to its customer.
Note: Enterprise plan users may sign SLA.

The importance of SLA

SLA is the main commitment between a customer and a service provider. The SLA’s purpose is precisely to memorialize the terms of the contract, so that users know, what they will receive from the service. All parties must agree with the SLA requirements to reach a mutual understanding. The conditions are reliable for both a customer and a provider.

By getting SLA, you ensure yourself to receive a repair service in time. In case of postponing repair process, which may lead to the contract breaching, you will be in sure to get the refund. Briefly, signing SLA, you exactly know that in case of an agreement infringement you are in safe and have a confirmation note for financial compensation.

Imagine that you manage a business structure, which exists in a web-world thanks to the website. In one minute, the site breaks down, and your work is stopped, what lead to the loss of profit. Next actions are predictable. You immediately begin writing to the provider service support. As luck would have it, all office managers are busy, and your ticket is postponed to unpredictable term.

For avoiding such unpleasant situations, SLA comes you in handy. Even if you lose money while the site is unavailable, the sum will be refunded within the amount indicated on the agreement. SLA maximizes serviceability to provide users with qualitative service.

What does SLA include?

The description of the service: what does the service provide you with?
The level of service reliability: which time the provider service is available for you?
The level of service responsiveness: how quickly should services react to your request?
Reporting procedure: whom can you report a problem?
Penalties for failure to meet obligations: what penalties will be implemented if the service provider fails to perform terms as stipulated?
Constraints: the circumstances after which the terms of the SLA will be waived.


With a wide set of features, you will have all your short branded links available all the time. Thus, your workflow will be constant.

For acquainting with SLA and its detailed terms – write to