Single Sign-On is a system thanks to which a team of web-users may pass through a login session for co-working without separate registration. This feature is highly recommended for business structures. presents a Single Sign-On feature for successful teamwork. Business owners may gather lots of team members together in without their separate registration process. With this feature, they just attach users to a necessary domain with Google Apps for Domains or Microsoft Active Directory.

How does it work?

When you point a corporate e-mail and SSO provider in SSO settings, all colleagues are automatically added to a chosen domain. You may find Single Sign-On settings in a team domain page. The idea lies in an easy-to-login procedure. There is no need to wait for each team member to register. Single Sign-On dramatically simplifies it.

Moreover, after adding a new member to a corporate e-mail, he or she will automatically have access to the team domains in To log into a user should point a corporate e-mail. After that, he or she will be redirected to a team domain page. On the contrary, a user who leaves a company automatically loses the access to the company data.

Advantages of Single Sign-On for users

  1. Simplicity. No password, no login, no long registration way. Clear and simple log in.
  2. Speed. It takes 5 seconds to log into shortening service just typing corporate e-mail.
  3. Security. Users don’t point any personal information, so they don't need to worry about hacker attacks.

Advantages of Single Sign-On for business

  1. Simplicity. No need for permanent control of users registration. Business owners choose whom to add to a team domain by themselves.
  2. Speed. It takes 15 seconds to invite all users from a corporate e-mail. 15 second later all team is in one app, working on a joint project.
  3. Security. The unwillingness to remember many strong passwords leads to frequent hacker attacks. SSO system allows choosing only one but the most robust password ever. is developing every day more and more. We hope to make your work convenient and almost automatic. Single Sign-On is one of the ways to our mutual success.