Short links on YouTube are one more way to engage new customers. Whether you are using YouTube for personal needs, or the business, you can apply it to drive unique visitors to a website, social networks, or your channel.

How to use short links on YouTube?

Video Description

A video description is a primary step when promoting your videos, social channels, or a website. The description is considered an essential step for optimization and promotion. If you leave a description field empty, it can harm your project. What do you need to mention in the description to succeed in marketing?

The first 2 lines of the description are displayed next to the video in search results and on social networks. The first 5 lines are visible below the video.

  • Include some catching phrases with the key queries and keywords. This will ensure a high video rating.
  • Add a short link to your YouTube channel with a CTA phrase to motivate watchers to subscribe.
  • Shorten links to the services, books, tools, articles you mention on your video. This helps users to find a favorite option quickly. URL shorteners allow you to track links success to understand what attracts the users most.
  • Add short links to your website, social networks, and other channels you want to engage new users to. Don’t overload, as it may seem like you're spamming.

Video Content

Mention your website or a project in your video. Display a link to the site within the video, so that users can type it in a browser address bar.


Note: Think of adding a QR-code to a video to simplify the way of following the link. Users just need to have their phone at hand, and they don’t need to remember a URL or type anything manually.

QR codes are a useful approach to attract followers. QR-codes are easy to use and implement in different areas.


You can leave short links to your website or projects on YouTube comments. However, be careful not to be banned for spam. Before commenting on YouTube, read the YouTube “Policies and Safety.”

Why do you need short links on YouTube?

  • A short URL to a new YouTube video can be embedded on Twitter posts, which are limited to 140 characters.

  • Short links let you hide affiliate links and UTM tags.

  • Track the detailed statistics of your short links: from where the users click a vanity URL, which browser/device the visitors use, and the country of a click.


YouTube is positioning itself as a social network. You can express the opinion, like and dislike comments, share materials, and even listen to music. Integrate YouTube and to get the most out of promotion.


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