Mistakes while shortening


Mistakes while shortening

Sometimes, you undoubtedly faced poor statistics results after shortening a link. Have you analyzed why it happens? If not, we can predict the reasons for shortened link ineffectiveness. There are some mistakes while shortening links, which prevent you from link success.

Mistakes while shortening links:

1. Random slug.

Using a random slug is the spread mistake among social marketers. Users often don’t want to waste one minute to edit a slug, thinking that such a minor component doesn’t influence link success. However, they are wrong. The recent A/B testing showed that short links with a key slug increase the CTR up to 30% in comparison with random ones.
Remember to use words, which grab customers’ attention. Short.cm advises using wow-phrases of the article benefits. For example, “discount-today”, “link-importance”, “increase-CTR” and so on…

2. Generic domain.

The recent Short.cm article was about correctly chosen domain. As a result, we concluded that branded domains are 10 times more successful than generic ones.

Let us explain the main advantages of branded domains:

- Branding.
With sharing generic links you don’t promote your brand, you promote another brand. But, we suppose, you do not want to promote the shortening service you use. Buy a branded domain for representing only personal brand.

- Trust.
Customers will stop to think about whether to click on your link or not. With branded domains, they understand at once where the link takes them.

- Recognition.
Sharing links in social networks makes your followers always face with short URLs. Consequently, after glancing at your link several times, customers recognize the brand and click on the links. They are better acquainted with the brand in case of the customer domain.

3. Using capital letters in a slug.

Don’t use capital letters. It makes users click on the extra button. It leads to that customers don’t want to waste time on writing complicated URL.
You can be sure that clicking on an easy-to-spell link calls more attention on an illegible one.

4. Creating links without checking statistics.

Short.cm launched a detailed statistics, specially for customers’ convenience. It helps to check statistics regularly after sharing a shortened link. According to this, you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the URL. The future strategy will be built based on the mistakes.

5. Creating link without UTM-parameters.

UTM-parameters extend possibilities of shortened links. UTM-tags help profoundly to track down where traffic is coming from.
Short.cm provides with UTM-tags all price plans. You just create a branded link and then add UTM-parameters to it. The statistics are presented in Short.cm dashboard or Google Analytics. Even if Short.cm has detailed statistics, the results of using UTM-tags are better displayed in Google Analytics. This allows you to observe various things like conversion, which are presented a little better.


Taking into consideration, all the mistakes mentioned above hope you now create links which will have future success and skyrocket CTR. Be attentive to any minor tool. Who knows which one will bring you high involvement?
In case of some obstacles feel free to contact Short.cm support.