You have a long list of URLs to shorten, but manual link shortening takes a long time.

Learn the instruments you can use to mass-shorten up to 1000 URLs in

1. API.

With API, you can shorten up to 1000 links in one API call. You can create 5 requests per 10 seconds (1 request = 1000 URLs). This is necessary when you have to shorten a package of long URLs.

It works almost the same as a single link creation endpoint, but it accepts an array of URLs and returns an array of responses back. If any URL fails to be inserted, it turns an error object back as an array element. The method is not transactional. It can insert some links from the list and return an error for others.

Bulk shortening is recommended for developers, as it requires technical skills. Follow the instructions to find basic bulk shortening options.

  1. Go to the API page.
  2. Scroll down to the “Bulk create URLs” field.
  3. Click on it to display code.

Place an API code into a necessary file to launch bulk link shortening.

2. “ + Google Sheets” Zap. integrates with Google Sheets via Zapier app. Zapier combines two or more web services to automate work. With the power of and Google Sheets, you can avoid creating mass of short links manually.

If you need to create short links in bulk without technical skills, " + Google Sheets" Zap comes in handy. Just load a list of long links to your Google spreadsheet, configure a Zap and URLs will be shortened automatically by It takes several minutes to set up a Zap, which saves hours of shortening.

Watch the video instruction on how to customize shortening links in bulk with “ + Google Sheets” Zap.

What did you learn:

  • Bulk link shortening.
  • How to shorten links in bulk.
  • “ + Google Sheets” Zap.
  • Bulk create URLs in
  • API key.

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