Blog lets you create teams for collaborative work.

Every user can be a participant of any number of teams in different roles. A team may contain an unlimited number of members. If the person you try to add to the team is not a user, he or she will receive an invitation to register and join your team as soon as possible.

Note: Each member of the team has a role with assignments:

  • Owner – a person who creates a team and controls any action making with the domain. The only member who can delete users from the team. Each member of the team has an owner's price subscription.

  • Admin – can assign roles for other team members; has full access to link reviewing and operations.

  • User – creates, edits, shares links and observes the statistics.

  • Read-only – looks through the statistics and shares links.

Note: You need a subscription to add a team:

  • Team plan – create only one team.

  • Enterprise plan – create more than one team.

Follow the instruction on how to create a team in

  1. Go to your account.

  2. Choose "Account settings."

  1. Open "Teams" tab.
  1. Add a team. icons

  2. Input a team name. Confirm. icons

  3. Add a team domain. icons

  4. Choose a domain. Confirm. icons

  5. Add team members. icons

  6. Input an email and role of a future team member. icons

  7. The member is successfully added. After that, a user gets an invitation by the email to join the team. icons

Watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to create a team.

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