With technology development, the Internet has become an indispensable source for engaging the audience. The primary condition of success is to select a correct strategy.

URL shortening is a technique covered not only by businesses, as you might think, but also by all areas of life. Link shorteners open the way to advanced methods for engaging people.

So, what about applying short links to educational institutions? It inevitably transfers the way the educational sector is operating.

The majority of people who use the Internet are the students. The internet is an essential source to find courses, colleges, universities, schools, abroad education, study materials. The educational institutions need to start online life to reach a wider audience.

Best Practices of Using Short Links in the Educational Sector

Social Media Channels

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube – it’s where the students spend time. By posting the content about education and latest trends on social media, you can attract new students to enter the college. It also helps to generate the interest of current students in the institution, as teenagers are fond of everything that is focused on modern technologies.


Add a short link with a branded college domain to engage students to click a link. Redirect them to the website, blog, a page with courses, or any web page. Then you can track the statistics to check what the students and their parents are interested most.

Email Marketing

Launch the email marketing campaign to motivate the students to visit your website or to learn more about future educational events. Create the contact list for both students and parents to develop different content. Your email should be targeted to the correct audience. Add a catchy subject line to grab the audience attention.


The primary step is to include the short links in your letter not to confuse recipients about the long URLs. By using short links in CTA buttons or phrases, you can analyze the conversion rate of redirects. Make A/B tests to compare 2 types of email and conclude which one is more successful.


Stop doing these things in email marketing



Retargeting is a technology when ads are shown to those users who have already made some actions on the website but have not finished it.


With the help of retargeting advertising, you will be able to catch your potential students. Implement the retargeting for the short links. shows ads to those visitors, who clicked your short branded link. As a result, users who were earlier interested in your brand are most likely to complete the action.

Retargeting lets you promote educational events, courses, or simply some subjects and news.

Easy-to-track success of URLs displays detailed statistics to let you track the success of short URLs. The statistics are accurate enough to fit the basic needs, e.g., from where the users click a short link, which browser/device the users use, and the country of a click.

You can track short links using statistics to build the basic concepts of your customers’ behavior.

shortcm-and-gtm-integration integrates with analytical services to let you dive deeper into the statistics. With Google Analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of keywords, special offers, and UTM-tags.

The advantage of using Google Tag Manager is that when you integrate your GTM account with other services, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, LinkedIn, they receive data straight from Google Tag Manager.

The instruments are easy to set on It takes you 2 minutes to implement tracking ID, which brings advanced impact on statistical data in the future.


By using short links for an educational institution, you'll not just attract students to the college, but also strengthen the brand reputation.


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