Make your service more useful and advanced with shortening functions. Implement link shortener features to your app through the application programming interface. API allows developers to use already coded blocks to build an application.

For example, the Facebook API lets you leave Facebook comments on the different websites and sync those comments with the Facebook page.

icons API for Developers API is based on the account API key as it provides access to using API and features. Your personal API key lets check for what purposes API is used that helps to avoid frauds.

With API, you can integrate the following operations to your application:

  • to shorten a long link;
  • to edit the title or short path of the original URL;
  • to request the domain list;
  • to get the original URL;
  • to delete a URL;
  • to observe the statistics of a shortened URL;
  • to create a QR code.

API is available for all types of price plans. You just need to be a user to get your personal API key for further using API docs.

Learn the technical details of using API in API docs. For passing authentication process, you need to send your API key as Authorization header. The personal API key is located in “Integrations &API.”


After installing shortening functions to the app, customers can use your branded domain, for example, like Twitter users who shorten links with On the contrary, customers can create short links with their own branded domain, what adds the value to the clients.

If your company want to add shortening and click-tracking functions to a product, ship it fast and cheap with API. It lets test real influence on sales.

What did you learn?

  • How to shorten links straight from your app?
  • How to add a URL shortener to your website?
  • API for Custom URLs.
  • API for developers.

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