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shortcm for for E-commerce: Increase Sales

The e-commerce boom continues, so if you want to boost sales and conversion rates, keep up with the brand-new ways to increase the demand. In this article, we’ll cover the methods on how to promote an e-shop with a shortening service.

There is no need to completely redesign the site or increase the advertising budget to boost online sales. The main tip is to consider the target audience to present the products correctly.

There are some marketing insights to increase e-shop conversions and sales thanks to the URL shorteners.

Create short links for the products

Creating a short link for each item lets share and promote them separately. A vanity URL engages users, because it’s branded, clear, and customized. People at once recognize the brand and understand the link content. URLs, like “jewelry .xyz/earrings,” will definitely succeed in conquering the audience.

Finally, searchers click on a short link and visit the web page to buy some favorite items.

Insight: integrates with Shopify e-store via Zapier. The purpose of a Zap is to create short links automatically when you add a new item to your e-store. Zap simplifies the way of shortening links, as you don’t need to copy a long URL and paste it to to create a shortened one. The link is shortened automatically.


How to set up Shopify Zap


Share products on social media

After the link is shortened, share it on social media to make your customers aware of the availability of the items. Users see your updates on the timeline and click a link to find out more about the elements.

Insight: By using, share short links straight from the dashboard. Choose the offered social networks, and click a share button.

Insight: integrates with Buffer service for automatic sharing. When the link is shortened, it will be sent to the specified social channels automatically. The advantage is that the post will contain a link title, description, and a web page preview that is essential for grabbing customers’ attention.

By choosing Buffer, you can not only send links to the eight social networks but also schedule posts.


How to set up Buffer Zap


Promote the products

Advertising is an inevitable step in any business. It is impossible to push your e-shop to the top without a paid marketing campaign.

The most popular way of advertising is retargeting. Retargeting shows ads only to those users who recently visited your site and performed some actions (added a product to the cart, clicked on a short link with the product, registered, or added payment info).

Insight: integrates with retargeting apps (AdRoll and Facebook Pixel). By using the retargeting tool, the advertisements are shown to those users who have already clicked your short links. It's useful if you want to drive customers back to your website to finish a purchase.


How to set up

AdRoll Facebook Pixel


Promotion without analysis is meaningless. Analytics provide an understanding of which sources of advertising are the most profitable, which products are the most popular. Analytics show the customers behavior what makes possible for you to build the strategy.

Insight: Here are some apps for the advanced analysis of short links.

  • Google Analytics helps to map the behavior of users from the very first visit. The statistical report is conveniently designed with graphs and tables.
  • Google Tag Manager lets you set up tags to monitor users’ actions. For example, to track the number of people clicking on short links or specific CTAs. Implement the tags to send them to your third-party analytical service.
  • UTM tags is the simplest tool you can use to get accurate statistics. UTM parameters help you to identify, which of your campaigns generate revenue and which don’t.
  • Heap automatically captures every web, mobile, and cloud interaction: clicks, submits, transactions, emails, and more.
  • Mixpanel tracks user interactions with web and mobile applications as well as provides tools for targeted communication.

How to set up advanced analytics



It’s no matter which of the mentioned above ways you’ll choose, improve e-marketing with the intent of providing an interrupted and engaging shopping experience for your customers.

What did you learn?

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