Slack is a service for collaborative work. It is usually used for corporate chatting and sharing company news. Thanks to Slack channels and integrations with other apps, you can receive essential data there. For example, you can be notified about new clicks, visits, or updates.

Today, on the blog, we'll onboard you to all of the ways integrates with Slack. What we will show you is not only one or two versions of integration. Instead, it's 3 variants of the and Slack integration, each of which presents different results. Continue reading if you're interested in advanced shortening.

The First: and Slack Direct Integration integrates with Slack without involving third-party services. This idea is based on shortening links from any of the Slack channels. It's supposed to reduce the time when creating short URLs. It takes you 15 seconds to send a link. Just enter a command on Slack, paste a long URL, and send. The service will send a short link to the recipients.

So if you need to send a short URL to colleagues or business partners, or you simply need to compose an update, shorten links on Slack instead of using the website.

shortcm-url-shortener shortcm-url-shortener
Save time Can't use any of the features, such as targeting, cloaking, expiration, etc
Save space for characters by using a short URL  
Tracking statistics are available on  

How to customize the and Slack Integration


The Second: and Slack Integration via Zapier integrates with Slack using the Zapier service. Zapier is a popular third-party tool that connects hundreds of apps. Zapier broadens the opportunities on using the apps, creating advanced ways of managing tools.

The idea of the and Slack integration via Zapier is based on receiving the short links on the specified Slack channel. When a link is shortened, it'll be sent to Slack automatically. This integration is similar to the previous one, but includes using the website.

You can use it when reporting business partners of the shortened links, or simply send the short links to your team to keep them aware of the created links. This is especially useful if using a team domain on You and your teammates will know who created a URL and when.

shortcm-url-shortener shortcm-url-shortener
Save time Integration via the third-party service.
Use the features  
Teammates are aware of the recently created links  

How to customize the and Slack Integration via Zapier


The Third: and Slack integration via Segment integrates with Slack using the Segment service. Segment is a Web platform for analytics and the collection of data on user behavior.

This is the smartest and most powerful and Slack integration. The idea is based on receiving notifications about new clicks. Whenever a user clicks a short link, you'll get a notification on the specified Slack channel.

This is useful if you want to be aware of the success of your short links at all times. There's no need to refresh a link list on as a click is immediately displayed in Slack.

shortcm-url-shortener shortcm-url-shortener
Smart approach toward receiving notifications Integration via the third-party service.
No need to refresh a page If you use Segment for more than three apps, you need to pay for the service
Always aware of the links success  
Almost free  

How to customize the and Slack Integration via Segment


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