Blog is a service that collects customer data from any web-platform, then sends it to different marketing and analytical tools or store in a data warehouse. You choose a web-platform depended on where your project lands, whether it is a website, Android or iOS app, server and so on.
To customize data transferring choose a source and destination.

What are a source and destination?

Source – is a place from where Segment collects data. (Website, Mobile, Server)
Destination – is an app where Segment sends data.

Why do you need Segment?

Segment platform helps you not to waste time for separately downloading and customizing tools. With the help of one Segment API, you may use many destinations simultaneously. For example, connect a website to several apps, and you immediately receive a notification that a user makes a click, download an app or signs up. It means that Segment receives data from your website after that sends this information to all destinations you plugged.

How does and Segment integration work? is a website (source) from which you may get analytical data and track shortened branded links statistics. When somebody makes a click on your short link, you receive a notification in a chosen destinations. As we mentioned above, the advantage of Segment is that it may send data to several apps so that you have not to customize them separately. This feature simplifies workflow because you connect to all necessary apps only once and then Segment makes all work. You just keep your eyes on click statistics.

How to customize Segment integration with

1. Sign in Segment and create a workspace.
2. Create a source.
3. In source settings find API key and copy it.
4. Go to your account to the API&Documentation page and find Segment integration.
5. Choose a necessary domain and paste API key from Segment.
6. Go to Segment and create a destination
7. Try to shorten a link, click on it and test a service

We prepared a video tutorial for a simple customizing process.
The example of destination app is Slack. However, you may choose any app you need.

Let’s go!