How Safe is


How Safe is

Be careful on the websites where you specify personal data: name/surname, credit card number, phone, address. Many phishing services steal personal info to use it in criminal purposes.

We want you to trust and wish doubts never enter your mind. Here're the four essential security requirements meets.

GDPR – recently adopted legalization describing personal data security and how it must be regulated. It means that if a website gathers personal data from people in Europe (or if your code is used by sites that do), the website is under the GDPR rules. meets all GDPR requirements. According to GDPR, by creating a account, you agree to's privacy policy and terms of service.

The types of personal data collects are cookies, email addresses, usage data, passwords, first names, last names, images, and company names. stores the personal data privately in AWS S3 in Virginia in the United States and never shares it with third-party services.


Note: Please, learn the Privacy Policy to make sure we keep personal data privately.

  • SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security level for protecting transmitted information between a server and a user's browser.

SSL certificate ensures users to confidently enter private information such as account login data, or credit card numbers. SSL secures data from third-party services as well as Internet hackers. Note that Google blocks sites, that do not support SSL, and provides protected sites with a better search engine ranking.

You can check if a website is secured by yourself. Just note, that sites with HTTP are dangerous and we don't advise specifying personal data there. The websites with HTTPS are secured. is an encrypted service, so the official website URL starts with https. Moreover, all short links you create on are also https-locked.

  • Stripe Payment service accepts credit/debit cards and can invoice via ACH Credit Transfer. We use Stripe service to receive card payments. They are performed through a secure connection between your browser and Stripe. We don't know your card number and don't store payment data on our server.

  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

We implemented 2-step verification login to so that you will be sure in your online safety. supports 2FA via the "Google Authenticator" or "Authy" authenticator apps. The app, pre-installed by you to work with the service, has a constantly rotating set of codes you can use whenever needed.

Final Words takes care of every customer. We are responsible for keeping personal information secure, so it is stored according to strict privacy guidelines and requirements.

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