2 percent is the average index of customers who make a purchase after having visited your site. The remaining 98 percent of visitors leave the website without any product.

A retargeting tool can help to convert website visitors into customers. The tool shows advertisements only to those users who recently visited your site and made some actions (added a product to the cart, clicked on a link, registered, or added payment info).

How does retargeting work?

Kate is browsing your website. She adds a product to the cart but leaves the site without making a purchase. In some days, while surfing the Internet, Kate sees an advertisement with the product she has added to the cart. You remind Kate of your website and the unfinished action. Kate returns to the site and buys her favorite product.

The retargeting tool works when you implement a unique JS code in some website pages or throughout the whole site. The retargeting code anonymously implements cookies in visitors’ browsers. Thus, cookies enable monitoring people who visit your site.

How to create retargeting for short links without technical skills?

As an alternative to installing a JS code on the website, you can use and integration. Connect it to retargeting apps for automatic loading of data from the shortening service. Segment transfers data to the applications library and performs all the installation steps required by the retargeting apps. Thus, you avoid implementing the code in the site, simplifying the installation process. integrates with retargeting apps, AdRoll, and Facebook Pixel via Segment. Segment monitors data clicks from and transfers the information to the apps library. Applications display the ads for those visitors who have clicked on a short branded link.

Read the articles with detailed installation instructions on how to set up the integration for and retargeting apps. The video-guides in each article describe how to activate the retargeting tool correctly.

  1. integrates with AdRoll via Segment.
  2. integrates with Facebook Pixel via Segment.

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