Retargeting is a technology when ads are shown to those users who have already made some actions on the website, viewed some products, but did not make a purchase.

With the help of retargeting advertising, you will be able to pursue your potential buyers and demonstrate those products, which previously interested them. If buyers see the ad many times, they will likely make an order. Retargeting makes users, who already know your company, return to the site again and again. It can be useful at every step of the sales funnel.

How to measure retargeting success?

Not as standard display advertising, retargeting allows you to track conversion from clicks (CTC) and views (VTC) immediately. It provides better data about the audience, which saw your advertisement.

Common mistakes:

  1. Do not use the same banners. Retargeting involves the development of new and engaging banners to optimize the destination page. To extract the result from retargeting, research, conduct experiments, and evaluate the results.

  2. Non-standard banners result in a successful campaign. Messages should be personalized and fun (as much as possible) to catch a person and recall the last visit to your site.

  3. The frequency of displaying ads to users should be from 7 to 12 times for 30 days.

  4. Retargeting takes time to show good results. Firstly, your audience is expanding, and secondly, a 3-month campaign is always more effective than one month. It is essential to be present in the users' head for a long time.

As an alternative to installing a JS code on the website, use integrations with Facebook Pixel and AdRoll. transfers the information about clicks to the apps library. Applications display the ads for those visitors who have clicked on a short branded link. You don’t need to be a developer, just use tracking ID to transfer data between two apps.

Read the articles with detailed installation instructions on how to set up the integration for and retargeting apps. It is video instructions in articles, which help you to implement retargeting correctly.


Retargeting is just one of the marketing concepts, not a kind of magic that can solve all your problems and increase the conversion. Building a profitable conversion funnel is impossible without creating a beneficial and high-quality service.

The article is about:

  • What is retargeting.
  • Main mistakes while retargeting.
  • Retarget with short links.
  • How to use retargeting ads with shortening service?

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