A URL shortener is a tool, which converts a long link into a short one. On the blog, we would give you the entire breakdown on this quickly evolving industry. Find out how you can use a link shortener to your advantage and then conclude, whether your brand needs short links or not.

The perfect short link looks like Why so? Firstly, it has a branded domain, secondly – a configured slug. These are two main tips on how to create an engaging short link. Most of the brands use links like Read a detailed article about why generic domains are a losing option while we continue figuring out the reasons for using short links.


Branded domain VS Generic domain


How to use a link shortener

The lead task of a URL shortener is to create short links. These URLs are easily shared on social networks, especially if a long URL contains the random letters.

Answer some questions below.

  • Which link will you include to your presentation? Long or short?

  • Which link will you send in an email to offer the customer cooperation? Long or short?

  • Which URL will be easier to pronounce at a conference? Long or short?

  • Which URL will save some space for a video caption on YouTube? Long or short?

So the last one – which link is more engaging for customers? Long or short?

Short links are created to simplify the online work, searching for the best options to promote the brand.


By shortening links, you mask long URLs compactly. Short links let you hide the information you do not want the visitors to see. It may be a too long affiliate link or a link with UTM tags. You hide the destination URL not in malicious purposes, just for masking unnecessary information.

The hiding long URL feature is useful for creators, but might be weird for customers, as most of the hackers use masked links for spamming. That is the answer, why branded domains are a successful choice. They inspire confidence and trust.

Track links success

Short links tracking is one of the reasons to use a link shortener. Tracking short links are more accessible than tracking long URLs. Which URL shortener, if not, has an expert view on short links tracking?
Let us explain.

  1. Integrating with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager doesn’t require coding skills. It takes you 3 clicks to activate Google Analytics statistics on the short links.
  2. The clicks are divided into visitors’ and bots’.
  3. You may view the device, place, and browser of clicks.
  4. You can specify a custom date range to see the conversion.

Retargeting is a marketing tool, which shows ads to users who previously clicked your short links. It's necessary if you need to drive customers back to your website. Each time users click a link their browser loads a JS snippet from AdRoll/Facebook.

Retargeting is crazily profitable for marketers and advertisers. The same as with Google Analytics and GTM, short links retargeting doesn’t require coding. You can use tool to customize the retargeting.


One more necessary short URLs’ advantage is the deep links implementing. This feature is especially useful for app developers or those who want to drive more visitors to the mobile application.

Deep links redirect users directly to the app after clicking a short link. Users click a short link, and if they have your mobile app installed, they are redirected to the specific page of the app. If not, they are routed to the browser page.

Create a team

This feature is especially recommended for those who want to work with partners, colleagues, customers, suppliers, family, or friends.

With a team domain, you can work outside of the office and wherever in a world spot. This allows creating partner connections with people all over the world. Thanks to the team domain, each member knows the responsibilities and manages short links from one place.



If you are on the Internet to promote a brand, you need to use a URL shortener. Whether it’s a personal brand, or a profound business, or just a private blog – use a URL shortener.

There are so many advanced things you can do from there to impress your customers, friends, and colleagues. A URL shortener saves time and boosts the marketing strategy.


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What did you learn?

  • Why do you need short links?
  • The advantages of short links.
  • Why does your company need to shorten links?

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