What do we know about Quora? It’s an international service for asking and answering questions. The questions are related to various topics. When firstly registering on Quora, choose the topics you are interested in most of all. After that, a newsfeed will contain the answers and questions considering your interests.

Today, on the blog, we’ll figure out why you shouldn’t underestimate Quora and how to start using the World's largest Q&A service for the benefits to your business.

Why do you need Quora

According to Quantcast, the monthly visits of Quora is 775,000 in the United States.

Quora helps to increase brand awareness and trust, as well as attract a target audience to the site. Quora works great on building a brand: the multiple references of the company increase the level of brand awareness, and high-quality answers – brand trustworthy.

Which questions to choose

Instead of considering Quora as a bunch of sources for publishing working materials, subscribe to categories that you are interested in: technologies, travel, computer games, marketing. Your profile will look natural. If some users visit it, they’ll see a person with the diversity of interests, not a machine for writing the answers.

More tips for finding a necessary question:

  • Remember to subscribe to all categories that are relevant to your industry to see the pertinent questions in the newsfeed.
  • Find the questions, which are already popular. Also, keep track of the new questions in the topics and try to be the first who answers them.
  • Search for the keywords to subscribe to more related categories with a target audience.

How the perfect answer looks like

The most popular and favorite answers on Quora are those that give statistics, sources and links. The perfect answer is a short answer, providing a link to an external source to detail the answer.

A perfect answer also includes:

  • Personal story. People trust answers that refer to personal experience. Use phrases like “I remember how ...”, “in my past project ...”, “when I was ...”
  • No “we,” “our team,” “our company” in the answer.
  • Readable text format. Use paragraphs, bullets, numbered lists; bold or italicize essential facts.

As soon as you have written your short and valuable answer, add a link to a quality source that confirms or reveals what was said. It is especially useful to leave a link to your blog or website if materials are covering the topic.

Use only one or two links not to be considered as spamming.
If you use two links, the first must lead to your site. Add links without calls to action like "Click here to download a free version."

By using short links in your answers, you can track the detailed statistics on a URL shortener. Quora has the statistics, but shorteners let you track the metrics that are not provided on Quora.


If you use Quora correctly, people will vote for your answers, follow your questions or invite you to answer. You may get credits on Quora to promote your questions, answers, and posts so that more people see them.

What did you learn?

  • How to use Quora to increase website traffic.
  • Add short links to Quora to redirect users to the website.
  • Answer the questions about your proffesional skills on Quora.

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