Ways to Advertise Your Podcast


Ways to Advertise Your Podcast

People love the podcasts. It’s an easy form of content to digest. Listeners can do that while running while driving to work, and at any time they want. Today, on the blog, we introduce the tips, which help you to promote your podcast. You can use Short.cm to implement some of them.

Multiple channel sharing

Podcast marketing is quite easy these days, considering almost all listeners are on social media and you likely are too. You can use these channels and their popularity to your benefits.

Multiple sharing lets you keep your audience engaged on the podcast updates. Users learn at once about a new podcast episode what allows them to download it immediately.

Short.cm allows publishing at the same time to all your social channels. This way you notify people about the new podcast release. It will go to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.


Upload the podcast on iTunes and Google Play Music

iTunes and Google Play Music are the most popular podcast channels among mobile listeners. Both these channels cover a large audience. If you want to get yourself up there and make the top of the lists, the podcast should be on iTunes and Google Play.

Mobile targeting

When sharing the podcast link, shorten it and enable mobile targeting. If users visit your podcast on a mobile device, they will be redirected to the relevant store depending on the OS. The link will route visitors directly to the subscription or download page.

This can be a great win for you, as after downloading people might share your podcast on social media. Simply set up mobile targeting on Short.cm.


Email marketing

Use an email marketing to put your podcast in. Design the CTA button on the email footer. It can be something like “Listen to my daily podcast” or “Subscribe to my daily podcast.”

Promote everywhere

Upload the podcast series on the blog, YouTube, LinkedIn and even on Facebook. No matter where you upload the podcast, the aim is to engage more listeners.



Cooperate with the related podcast services to offer the cross-promotion. You offer them to promote your podcast, while you promote theirs.

Paid ads

We may recommend promoting podcast by the paid ads, as this way is considered the most effective way, but it’s up to you. Test the tips, mentioned above first.


Note: If you invest a little time to improve the marketing strategy, the results will be better than you expect.

What did you learn?

  • How to promote podcast.
  • Short.cm helps in advertising the podcast.
  • Ways to promote your podcast.

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