Pinterest is a visual search network. Imagine that you search for something on Google, but each site looks like a picture. Here, on the blog, we inform on how to promote your business by using short links and Pinterest.

Pinterest is gaining popularity for users on the Internet. The target audience is mostly women. However, men's activity is approximately 30%. They know Pinterest as a useful tool for visual services.

At first, you might think that Pinterest is meaningless, but it is much more necessary than it seems.

Which lines of business find Pinterest useful

This platform is perfect for sales, especially in e-commerce, if:

1. The target audience of business is mostly women.

2. The service can be introduced visually.

  • Food.
  • Fashion.
  • Traveling.
  • Beauty.
  • Design.
  • Any online shop.

Pinterest is a secret weapon for online shopping. Pinterest users buy the products here more often than on other sites. That’s because searchers are looking for a specific idea or product purposefully, not mindlessly scrolling the feeds in search of something interesting.

3. The business has a blog. Present each article visually so that it looks like an image with text.

The Pinterest advantage is that brands attract searchers thanks to attention-grabbing images. All Pinterest users are visually conquered. They are people who like what they see.

B2C companies, unlike the B2B, find Pinterest more useful to promote the business. However, nothing is impossible. If you introduce the B2C, turn your imagination on and do your best to find the target audience.

The example of the Amazon Pinterest account.

  1. When creating an account, add a short link to your website/blog to simplify the way to visit the site.

  2. When adding an image of your product, make a description using text and a short link. People read the description and then click the link to learn more.

  3. Source link. If you fill the description with text, add a short link to the source. This is useful if promoting a particular item or blog article. Always use the link to a specific product listed in the pin.

If subscribers from Pinterest visit your site by following the link, your overall rating will improve. Short links help you to save space, to engage users thanks to clearness and shortness, and to get the detailed statistical results.


Note: To dive deeper into the statistical results, set up Google Analytics ID for your short domain.

In case of using as a URL shortener, you may not only set the advanced statistics but also share your links from dashboard straight to Pinterest. Such a direct sharing simplifies the way of copying and pasting links.


What did you learn?

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