Online marketing got to the top in recent years. You’ll agree that it is easier to track and implement the information on the Internet than on the billboard.

A major offline marketing problem based on difficulties to analyze the advertisement effectiveness. implemented core features to simplify the offline marketing tracking.

How to track offline marketing campaigns effectively?

You don’t have enough space to use all the necessary information on the offline marketing materials. It is short branded links that come you in handy. Create marketing ads with vanity links to grab customers attention. You can redirect users to any web-page. Usually, companies redirect users to the landing page to give customers a chance for surfing the site.

Users can easily type short links in the address bar and visit your website. After visitors click a short link, a new redirection is displayed in statistics. This helps you to view how engaging the information is for visitors.

Using, you can measure not just the number of clicks but also time, browser, and location. The detailed information helps to carry out the profound insights of the offline marketing campaigns success.

2. Use QR-codes.

Create QR-codes for each short link and use them in offline advertisements. QR-codes simplify the way of following your short branded link. Just with the help of one scanning program, users are redirected to your website. provides QR-code generation for each short link. This lets you track, how often the code is scanned.

3. Use link expiration.

You manage a link expiration by yourself. Set a date and time when the link must be updated. As a result, your customers will get updated information. You don’t need to keep in mind the terms to alter the link.

This feature allows you to save all printed billboards or flyers. Simply change the web address, not short link.

4. Add UTM tags.

Analyze traffic with UTM tags. They allow you to find out, which offline marketing campaign brought the most benefits. Insert a long link with UTM tags into the service, and answers you with a short version. Then use a short link for promoting offline campaigns.

Where to use short branded links in offline marketing?

The list is endless, but pay attention to spread ones:

  • Business cards. This way is the easiest and the cheapest form of promoting your website. Distribute business cards whenever you can: pass them to the neighbors and colleagues, pin cards on the public boards, leave cards in cafes.
  • Printed material: billboards, signages, leaflets and so on. Make sure printed publications are situated in public places such as bus stops, shopping malls, underground. In such a way many people will face your ads and follow a short branded link.
  • Speak at the events. One more advantage of a short link is that it is easy to pronounce. Prepare a speech using a short link and take part in the event as a speaker. If you don’t have excellent speaking skills, visit events for building new professional contacts.
  • Mass-media. Press releases are a simple way to tell about your brand.


Combine strategies and track offline conversions to understand, which promotional method is the most profitable for you.

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