, Mixpanel, and Segment: What's in common?

shortcm integrations, Mixpanel, and Segment: What's in common?

Mixpanel is an advanced mobile and web analytics platform. In the Mixpanel service measuring page views are replaced by the analytics of the actions people take in your application.

How does Mixpanel work?

Implementing Mixpanel involves building with two APIs. You’ll need to use any of the libraries to start collecting actions on your site. Decide which SDKs you need to collect that data, and install them into your product(s).

The strength of the Mixpanel analytics:

  • Events: Mixpanel lets users easily determine events to track.
  • Insights: Mixpanel provides users with advanced tools that use statistical methodologies.
  • Funnels: Mixpanel allows users to retroactively build and actively edit funnels, facilitating a dynamic and updatable analysis of conversions.
  • Retention: Mixpanel displays how your most loyal users are using your app. You can see how your existing users come back and do something again.
  • Integrations: Mixpanel integrates with the third-party services.

Why do you need while using Mixpanel?

When you use Segment to transfer data to Mixpanel, instead of working with different Mixpanel APIs and SDKs, you only need to learn Segment’s API.

After installing Segment, your customer data will also be sent to your other tools like email, chat, push, and the ad conversions.
With Segment app, you shouldn’t implement snippet code in your product. Moreover, once you install Segment, you don't need to establish a custom code each time you want to access additional Mixpanel data.

How does integrate with Mixpanel? integrates with Mixpanel via the Segment app. Segment transfers the clicks data from to the Mixpanel. Therefore, Mixpanel analyzes the clicks through transferring data. As a result, you will get the deep insights into your short branded links.

The installation process with Segment takes you 4 minutes while implementing a custom code in your app requires at least 30 minutes and involves developers.

The video guide below helps you to customize the and Mixpanel integration via Segment easily.