The information doesn't stay relevant forever. Ultimately, it becomes out of date and unnecessary. Therefore, developed “Link expiration” feature.

Basic idea

The “Link expiration” feature redirects users to a new destination URL after an old one has expired. It happens without changing the short link. You set a long link and the time when the link should be updated. In such a way, when the link loses its relevance, users are automatically redirected to a new destination URL. However, if you do not set the expiration URL, customers will face an error page with the following message: “THE LINK YOU ARE TRYING TO ACCESS HAS EXPIRED”.

The advantages

The core advantage of “Link expiration” is that you can quickly provide users with actual news, as you don’t have to keep in mind the date to change the URL.

“Link expiration” lets you save money. As the short URL stays the same, you don’t need to waste funds promoting a new marketing campaign.

Moreover, you can perform complicated tasks. You have the precise number of links you can keep in your short URL list according to the price plan. What do you do if you need just a few more, but you do not want to upgrade the price plan? As some shortened links aren't necessary for permanent usage, you can delete several links and create the new ones in their place. This flexible tool lets you do it automatically.

Installation process

To activate the “Link expiration” feature, you need a PERSONAL plan as a minimum. Then shorten any link and choose “Set expiration date” in the pop-up window on the left side. Set up a date and time of expiration and set a new destination URL.

Watch the video instruction below to make the installation process clear.
In case of obstacles, feel free to contact support.