To improve online sales, it is not necessary to completely redesign the site or increase the advertising budget. The main thing is to know your target audience to present the products correctly.

There are some marketing methods for increasing online-shop conversion and sales thanks to short links.

1. Create short links for products.

Using short links leads to increasing conversion and sales of the online shop. Thanks to branded and customized links, customers at once understand what is inside the link. Eventually, searchers click on the short link and visit the web page to buy their favorite items. integrates with Shopify e-store via Zapier. The purpose of a Zap is to create short links automatically when you add a new item to your e-store. Zap simplifies the way of shortening links, as you don’t need to copy a long URL and paste it to to get the shortened one. The link is shortened automatically.

2. Share products on social media.

After the link is shortened, publish it on social media to make your customers aware of a new item's availability. Users will see your updates on their timelines and may be interested in the products or sales.

You can share short links straight from the short URL list. Choose one of the offered social networks, and click a share button.

However, there is one other method. integrates with Facebook and Buffer services for automatic sharing. When the link is shortened, it will be sent to the specified social channels automatically. The advantage is that the post will contain the link title, description, and web page preview that is essential for grabbing customers’ attention.

If you choose Buffer, you can send links not only to the eight social channels but also to schedule posts for preferred sources.

3. Promote the products.

Advertising through the Internet is an inevitable step. It is impossible to propel your e-shop to the top without a paid marketing campaign.

The most popular one is retargeting. This convenient mode of advertising helps to specify the audience that is interested in making a purchase. The tool shows advertisements only to those users who recently visited your site and performed some actions (added a product to the cart, clicked on a short link with the product, registered, or added payment info). integrates with retargeting apps (AdRoll and Facebook Pixel ). Therefore, the advertisements are shown to those users who previously clicked on your short link. This advertising method can attract customers and lead them to buy a product.

4. Analyze.

Working without analysis is meaningless. Analytics provide an understanding of which sources of advertising are the most profitable, which products are the most popular, and which times are most convenient.

Many short links for products aren’t exactly easy to track. However, with, you can measure platforms and traffic to see what drives ROI. integrates with Heap , Mixpanel, and Google Analytics, for a more in-depth analysis of short links.


A step-by-step process is a route to successful online sales. Just remember to share the news with customers and analyze the results to eliminate the disadvantages.