When the app is already created, the next step is to think of the further methods of engaging users and increasing downloads. On the blog, we’ll take a closer look at what to start with, what to implement for improving the app experience.

The method, reviewing in this article, is easy to setup if using short links and

Studies show that less than half of the people, who've installed the application, will open it one more time. This is where deep links can help.

A deep link is a delightful user experience, which has a profound impact on the total number of the registrations. Users who come via a deep link are twice likely to register on the application. A deep link is a must-have tool for sustainable growth.

Deep links help to improve the quality of customer service: by clicking on an ad, a person immediately gets the page with information of interest. Without deep links, users need to search for the necessary materials on the application manually. However, not everyone will have enough patience for this.

After users click a short URL, launches the app, if it is installed, and directs the users to a specific page of the app.

  • Deep linking is fully adapted to mobile requirements, making it easy for users to scroll the app. Mobile apps meet better UI than the web version of the application.

  • Deep links increase user engagement thanks to the app redirections. It’s not likely users will move from a browser deliberately to search for your app. Use deep linking to route them directly to specific content. Users may not even know about the app availability, so it’s a chance to present your mobile application.

  • Google is a one more way for customers to get into the application, as search robots index deep links and may establish them on top-search results.

  • Deep links assist in the re-engagement of users. If the customer has stopped using your application but has not deleted it, engage him/her with a special offer.

  • Deep links enhance marketing promotion by tracking the statistics of your campaigns. With deep linking, you know when the user's installed the application. Integrate deep links with additional apps, like Google Analytics, for getting more in-depth analytical data. provides detailed statistics for your short links.


How to set up deep links


What did you learn?

  • Mobile application analysis.
  • How to increase mobile app downloads.
  • Short links for mobile app.

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