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Short.cm extension for Google Chrome: new and updated

Short.cm extension for Google Chrome is a favorite tool among Short.cm customers. It helps you to make tasks quicker and more effectively. Short.cm is happy to announce a new and updated version.

If you don’t know about new features of the extension, get acquainted with them below!

1. Quick shortening.

Speed and ease are what everybody like most of all in work process. Thus, Short.cm simplifies the way of shortening links with Google Chrome extension. You need only two clicks to shorten a link. Firstly, click on a little Short.cm item next to the address bar. Secondly, choose a «Shorten current page» button for shortening.

2. Customized links.

Short.cm implemented a feature of сustomizing link. After shortening, you see a pop-up window for editing a slug. This feature allows you to replace random letters to necessary ones.

3. Choose a domain.

It takes you too much time to go to Short.cm dashboard for choosing a domain and then get back to the extension for shortening current e-page. Short.cm added a feature of changing a domain straight from the extension menu.
You may find it in the «Options» window. Just click on Short.cm item next to the address bar and choose the «Options» button. The pop-up window reflects the domain variants. Select a necessary one and shorten a link.

4. Сopying.

After creating and editing a short branded link, you can copy it to the clipboard for quick redirecting.

Note: a new short branded link will automatically appear in Short.cm dashboard. The statistics for links is displayed as usual.

5. Interface.

We rebuilt a Short.cm Google Chrome extension design from scratch. Now it is bright, colorful and attractive. You will like!


In case of some obstacles while using Short.cm Google extension, feel free to contact Short.cm support. If you don’t have a Short.cm extension in your Google browser, download it from a Google Chrome extension store.

Short.cm extension for Google Chrome: new and updated
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