On April 2018, Google URL Shortener closed down the service for new users. Only the existing customers can use Goo.gl up to March 2019.

Short.cm shortening service provides with Goo.gl features and even more. Here are some detailed tips for your assurance of joining Short.cm.

1. Branded links.

Replace a standard Short.cm domain to your branded one – «yourbrand.com». This feature allows increasing the link trust and brand recognition. With branded links, the CRT skyrockets for 35%. Read here more information.

2. Customized links.

When you shorten a link with Short.cm service, the URL slug is random. For customizing a link, click on the «Edit» button. Customized links help the audience to get an idea of what they will face after redirecting. As a result, searchers frequently click on links without suspecting URLs as spam. For example, yourbrand.com/travel-advice, yourbrand.com/money, yourbrand.com/healthcare.

3. Detailed statistics.

When somebody clicks on your link, this step is displayed on the domain statistics.
Short.cm shows the data both for all links and separately for each one.
The success of Short.cm statistics lies in its interface. The statistics consist of graphs and tables, which display:

  • total clicks (if it is a domain statistics);
  • bots and real clicks;
  • top countries;
  • top cities;
  • top browsers;
  • top referrers;
  • devices used;
  • the time of a click;
  • the date of a click.

Note: the detailed statistics information lets analyze the best time and place for posting a link.

4. Integrations.

Using Short.cm doesn’t finish on shortening links.
Short.cm integrates with many applications, which let you extend possibilities of using service. Connect Short.cm at least to one of the integration apps. Integrations make your work automatic. You can configure links auto-creating, URLs auto-posting, getting notifications…The list is endless. The list of integrations is here

Unless you don’t find a necessary integration app – use Short.cm API for building a custom integration.

5. Google Chrome extension.

The Short.cm Google Chrome extension lets you shorten a URL being at a necessary e-page. Without moving to a Short.cm site, you choose a necessary domain, shorten a link, edit a slug, copy, and share a short branded link. Click here to add an extension to Google Chrome.

6. Single Sign-On.

This feature is useful for teams. It takes 5 seconds for each member to log into Short.cm team domain. Click here to learn more.

7. UTM-tracking.

UTM tags reflect which campaign, keyword, and source get you more clicks. Click here to learn more.


Short.cm shortening service provides with core features, which allows increasing CRT and automatize the work. You learned the primary ones. The more extensive list of features you will find here .

If you don’t find what you need – write here the proposals of improvements. We will analyze them and implement if it is possible.

Feel free to ask any question in Short.cm support. Join!