Geo-targeting is the highest level of redirecting customers.

Most websites use the pieces of information, which are relevant only for particular users. However, sometimes customers can meet inconveniences facing the information, which are not actual for them.

Pay attention that users prefer to appear in relevant website page at once, without pointing his/her location. It means that it is the best of you to define the users’ IP and redirect them to relevant content.

That’s where comes you in handy. With geo-targeting, you can redirect users to necessary web-pages depending on their location. The redirecting technology is so deep that you can divide users not only by countries but also by regions. It means that users of two different areas will face different web-pages. Conveniently, really?

The list of reasons for using geo-redirect is endless. For example, news website – customers face the information, which is about his/her country/region; tickets selling – redirecting to the web-page with available tickets to the concert in users’ country…

How to customize Geo-targeting in account?

The key thing is that you need to have a PERSONAL plan for country targeting and TEAM plan for region targeting.
If you complete that step, go further.

Imagine that you have a task: USA citizens of Florida region should follow one URL, China citizens the second one, Ukrainians the third one. What to do?

  1. Go to your dashboard and shorten a necessary link.
  2. From the left side of pop-up window choose the “Geo-targeting” tab.
  3. In the country tab choose the USA. In the region tab choose Florida. Then paste a link where users will be redirected after clicking. Click on “Add”.
  4. Choose China and paste a necessary link. Click on “Add”.
  5. Choose Ukraine and paste a necessary link. Click on “Add”.

That’s all. Use the shortened link everywhere you need and be sure that users will face only relevant information.

The video-guide below describes “Geo-targeting” feature at the example of one country. However, the scheme of customizing is the same for all countries and regions.

Feel free to contact support in case of obstacles!