Now directly integrates with Google Analytics. You don’t need any third-party service. This significantly simplifies the customization process.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics is a free tool for tracking detailed website statistics. The operating principle lies in providing all website pages with JavaScript code. After that, page views, traffic sources, and visitor data are collected automatically.

Google Analytics implementations are not simple, because of the detailed Google Analytics API methods and data format. You or a developer should check each minor tip to make sure things work correctly. & Google Analytics

With applying to Google Analytics, you don’t need to implement JavaScript code to the website. Input a tracking code to domain settings, and Google Analytics will get the traffic data from

When a user clicks on a short link, Google Analytics will display this step on the graph. Also, Google Analytics provides statistics for more deep insights like UTM-parameters.

The video tutorial below helps you quickly customize and Google Analytics integration.

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