Blog provides tools for filtering, archiving, and deleting links, which you can use straight from the short URL list.


Sometimes, you need to link to a page that might change or vanish after a while. It may have temporary usage like a job posting, or a service request, or simply essential data. If you want to make sure you can reference the page in the future, then a great way to ensure that you'll be able to do so is to archive links with This tool is displayed in the short URL list. Just click on the badge.


Even if you can quickly customize all features of every shortened link, sometimes, it's easier to delete the link or start to create a new one. Maybe you need to take down an active link on the web to restrict people's access to irrelevant information or an expired offer. The tool for deleting a separate link is available in the short URL list in



You can filter not just analytical data of separate short links and the entire domain, but also filter all of your short links in the short URL list. Filter links by clicks (from high to low or from low to high) and by date (from earlier to latest or latest to earlier). You might need such a way of filtering to see which links have clicks above all or to find the earliest shortened link.


Sharing short links on social networking platforms is an essential step in promoting your brand. Save time by using this tool straight from the short URL list.

Watch the video guide below with step-by-step instructions on how to use each tool.