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shortcm for The Best Choice for an Enterprise enterprise is a reliable option to brand and manage links at scale. It has been prepared for large organizations and lets implementing custom solutions that integrate with advanced processes for big teams.

The enterprise plan is freedom; therefore enterprise users have no limitations in using the service. On the contrary, the enterprise features are full of advantages.

Dedicated Cluster

A custom cluster is an individual cluster in any region provided for enterprise users. Its nodes do not have public IP addresses, only private addresses, so the workloads run in an isolated environment.

In case of a DDoS attack, which makes downtime, the private IP addresses will work properly. As the servers are closely located, they provide the fastest upload and download speed. A separate connection speeds up the data transmission what leads to constant work.

Custom IP

Get a personal IP address to make a branded domain independent. This helps to avoid interruptions in the working process.

Blacklists are hostname-based because of the common phishing. A custom IP doesn’t refer to the reputation of the whole host. You can have 100% protection by buying a separate IP. Some countries have the internet censorship, which is IP-based. With the custom IP, you'll have your own censorship reputation.


Service Level Agreement provides SLA of 99.9% uptime, which means that if short branded links are unavailable for 3.75 hours in sum for one month, will refund $150.

Short links uptime was more than 99.9% during the last year. has failover in different Amazon availability zones, and team understands how important it is to keep your links working. With SLA, a financial responsibility inspires to keep short URLs available all the time.

Unlimited plan options enterprise users aren’t limited to the features – an infinite number of links, domains, redirects, and tracked clicks.


Single Sign-On

Save your time while creating accounts for a big team. Sign members of your organization automatically on the URL shortener. As a corporate administrator, you may allow members of a corporate email to log into without registration. With SSO, makes the identity-verification process, so your team members may log in without creating a password.

The advantages of SSO:

  • Simplicity. No password, no login, no registration. Clear and simple login.

  • Speed. It takes 5 seconds to log in to the, specifying a corporate email.

  • Security. Users don’t provide any personal information, so they don't need to worry about hacker attacks.

Team domain

A tough task for an enterprise is to organize the work correctly. Thanks to the team domain, each member is aware of the responsibilities and manages short links from one place.

An unlimited number of teams, might be added to an account, performs as an advantage for a large-scale organization.


ACH Payment

ACH payments are the electronic transfers from one bank account to another. enterprise users may request the ACH payment if it fits their needs.


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