Have you ever shared a short link and forgotten to add UTM-tags, or pointed a wrong name or maybe a wrong original address? If you did so with, you do not need to worry about lost money and brand trust. allows editing the destination URL of the short link without deleting it from the social channel. automatically changes the internal settings of the active short link.

What is the destination URL?

The new shortened link consists of two URLs. The first is a new short URL; the second is the destination URL. The destination URL is the link where the first URL will redirect customers.

Why do you need to change the destination URL?

  • To edit the irrelevant URL to a new one.
  • To point out the necessary content.
  • To add UTM-tags to the original URL.
  • To update an old link.
  • To regularly redirect people to the latest post.
  • To edit the destination in case of the mistake.
  • To change a link title.

How to change the original URL on

The customizing process is a piece of cake.

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to your short URL list.
  3. Choose the pencil next to a shortened link.
  4. Edit the “Original URL” field in the “Edit Short URL” pop-up.
  5. Save.

Follow the instruction in the video tutorial below. The video starts with the third instruction step.
In case of obstacles, feel free to contact support.