Blog limits the number of short links you can create for each price plan. Only Enterprise plan users can shorten the unlimited amount of URLs.

If you have limited space on a price plan and want to move some of your links off, activate automatic link deletion. In some cases, you may not need some shortened links for permanent use, so you can delete them.

Although you can do it manually, it’s better just to set and forget so that you don’t have to keep being reminded of emptying the links bin.
You can check the number of short links that have been created so far in Account settings in the “Price Plan” tab.


The automatic link deletion lets you remove links older than one month, three months, six months, one year, and three years.
Note: Automatic link deletion for a period less than one year is available starting from a TEAM plan. cannot delete the bulk URLs. However, you can contact support, and we will remove links for you based on your criteria.

The video guide below explains how to customize automatic link deletion in your account.