The goal of all businesses is to engage as more customers as possible. To do this, you need to push your future clients in the right direction while the buyer’s journey. The practical way to reach this is by using the call to action.

Call to action is a button or link placed on a page or/and in an email. Its purpose is to show the visitors what further action they need to take. If the CTA, that you plan to add to the page, doesn't satisfy the needs at a particular stage of the buyer’s journey, then the visitors will not perform the action expected.

To make your CTA effective, follow these proven tips:

  1. CTA must focus users on the action.
  2. The text must be convincing.
  3. A CTA button must be visually appealing.
  4. CTA should be visible on the page.

Learn the 7 examples of the successful CTA buttons among world companies.


“Try it free” is the simplest button on a landing page of most of the service. Thanks to the successful color scheme and the location of the button, it’s easy to notice it even while skimming the site. The variants of the similar CTA buttons are “Sign up,” “Sign up for free,” “Get for free,” and all that jazz.


Neil Patel

“Do you want more traffic?” Of course, I want, and you want too. The best example of how to attract people is to offer them what they need. Neil suggests analyzing the users’ website free. It’s evident that all visitors enter a website URL to get the tips on how to grow their business. Neil aims to show visitors his skills for further cooperation.



"Download for..." The calls-to-action are created with the intention of driving downloads or subscriptions for the applications.


HubSpot blog

“How to be really good at…” Everybody wants to be good at his or her business line, or just to be the best among the coworkers. It is a challenge for somebody to learn new about marketing. Therefore, he or she will start a course. The button position is successful, as it appears in the middle of the page not producing a feeling of importunity.



Who is your audience? With 2 types of CTA buttons, Shopify learns who its audience is.


National Geographic

National Geographic promotes the printed magazine online to attract more buyers. You can choose to order a magazine by yourself or to make a gift for someone. The two different designs of the buttons say that “Order for myself” button is more important. To get clicks on your priority call to action button rather than your “second” button, you need to make the CTA button more compelling.



Harvard University is considered one of the best colleges in the US. To drive more students, they start promoting online courses on the website. It’s a good idea to share the information for those who live, for example, in another country and can't study at Harvard.


How to get the most out of the CTA?

  • Short links. Implement a short link into the СTA button to analyze the success. You’ll get the robust studies of who, when, and from where clicked your button.

  • Google Analytics. It's the classic tool for analyzing the leading indicators of the site. Set the goals as a button click and track the percentage of clicks. Alternatively, the second method is to implement the GA tracking ID into short domain settings. You’ll get the statistical data based on your short branded domain.


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What did you learn?

  • How to use CTA buttons effectively.
  • Why do you need short links for CTA buttons?
  • Tha advantages of short links while using call-to-action.

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