How To Choose The Right Domain Extension?


How To Choose The Right Domain Extension?

Domain name is more than the address of your website. This is the idea of business, your identification mark, an online identification of the company.

A domain is the most influential marketing tool. Even one word of 5-6 letters, from which the domain name is composed, can significantly affect a user's decision to visit the site or not. A domain name makes the first impression of the brand and remains in the memory of a visitor.

Domain extensions aren’t less important for a domain name. Choosing a domain zone is an important and responsible decision. It is necessary to select such a domain extension, which is entirely related to the subject of the site and the region where it is planned to be used.

Top-level domains (TLDs) are divided into country domains (ccTLDs), general-purpose domains (gTLDs), and service domains (iTLDs).

Common domain extensions

  • сom (commercial) - international domain for general-purpose subjects;
  • net (network) - as “net” is associated with technologies and networks, it is commonly used for tech companies;
  • biz (business) - companies of a commercial nature; sometimes spam services use it;
  • edu (education) - educational institutions or non-profit companies;
  • gov - institutions of a public nature (only institutions with relevant documents are eligible to purchase);
  • org - non-profit organizations;
  • pro - sites providing services of certified professionals/specialists;
  • info - information resources, blogs;
  • name - sites dedicated to a specific person; usually non-commercial sites;
  • me (personal) - sites for a personal blog or website; ccTLD for Montenegro;
  • fm - sites devoted to broadcasting; ccTLD for the Federated States of Micronesia;
  • tv - sites devoted to television; media content; URLs for YouTube and Vimeo channels.

To correctly pick a domain extension, answer three main questions:

  • Is the domain name related to the purpose of the site?

If you want to launch a blog, think about its purpose. If it is an online business, choose .com or .biz. In case the blog is for an organization, pick .org. Moreover, if you are running the blog just for personal thoughts, a .me extension is the best decision.

  • Does the domain identify your location?

Think about targeting the area you are in according to local SEO. Look for something that is appropriate for your location.

  • Does the domain answer SEO optimization?

If the domain extension is .com, .net, or .org, the domain name will be targeted for all international countries. Other domain extensions are bound to a particular geographic area.

Based on the answers, choose the domain extension, correctly prioritizing the formation. You may buy a domain from or any domain registrar. Moreover, provides free domain “”

What did you learn:

  • Domain extension.
  • How to pick up the best domain extension.
  • The importance of domain zones.
  • Which domain extension is appropriate for your site.

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