Sometimes, you need to change the website domain of your active project. Moving to a new domain may occur due to an outdated content management system, a technical necessity for functional extensions, or project development.

There are also times when you have to change a domain of a prospective website that already has brand trust and a first-page rank in Google search results. Don’t get upset. A successful move that preserves search engine results is possible thanks to

Here are the instructions for changing a domain with

  1. Buy a new domain for the website. Point a record and the IP address, then wait a few hours for the domain to become active. For example, the new domain name is “” while the old one is “”

  2. While waiting for the new domain name ( to be activated, point an A record and the IP address to the old domain (

  3. Create a account using the old domain name (

  4. When the new domain is active and your website possesses it, create short links in for each path of your site with the old domain name. Shorten “” links with “” This way, you will recover the old paths of your website. For example, the link “” will look like “”

Therefore, when users click on the old link, they will be redirected to the necessary content. The same is true for the search engine. It indexes a new way and saves the first positions of the previous paths.

If you correctly followed all of these steps, your rankings will probably still take a small hit in the short term. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much unavoidable because of the considerable changes you’re making.

However, as long as you’ve implemented redirects properly, it should not be too long before you are back to your original rankings!