Thanks to short branded links, you can quickly increase brand recognition and brand trust. The goal of using short URLs lies in sharing content for brand promotion in different ways. Vanity links make any marketing material more pleased to see, easy to remember and exclude a chance of considering the link as spam.

1. Social networks.

Social networks are one of the places for constant information flow. Almost every brand is using social networks for attracting customers.
Nevertheless, how to use social networks profitably?

The best decision is to implement short branded links to the post. The message with a short URL increases the CTR up to 40% according to its clarity. Vanity links help to observe the statistics in the shortening service with the utmost accuracy. This gives you a chance to find out the topics customers like most of all. Tracking long URLs is much more difficult, as social networks carry an extensive amount of information and can’t qualitatively display customers behavior.

Learn more about the detailed statistics here:

2. E-mails.

E-mail marketing is thought to be an annoying way of brand promotion. However, following some simple rules, you can reach high open-rate. The main tip of e-mail marketing is to use short links. Custom URLs economize characters for emails and thanks to the shortness exclude the possibility of adding a mail to the spam inbox. Besides, use additional features like geo or/and mobile targeting. Such features extend the ways of using short links thanks to seizing more customers.

3. Offline marketing.

Modern marketers came up with key ideas for promoting the brand. The primary task is to use short links in public places. For example, at the bus stops, billboards, signages, clothe labels. Custom links grab people’s attention thanks to the option to be accessible and memorable. Using short links in public places lets users often face them. As a result, in case of forgetting a link, a customer can easily recall it.

4. Additional marketing areas.

The best choice for marketers is using plugins for continuous workflow. There is a good offer in integration list. Use the WordPress plugin for automatic link post creation. Usually, marketers don’t want customers to see the original URL as it may include essential and secret information like UTM-tags.
For this case, use the “Link cloaking” feature. Link cloaking allows users to see a short link as a destination URL, which leads to better link storage. Moreover, Google Analytics will come in handy while observing the statistics with UTM-tags.


One more way to increase brand recognition is to answer customers’ questions using a short link in comments. Respond with a vanity link, which carries the detailed information customers want to learn. Especially useful while monitoring competitors’ social networks. You can respond with short links in competitors' comments. In such a way, you will show customers the better service your brand provides.


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