Email marketing is a core step of the promotional brand strategy. When you try to reach an increase in CTR and brand recognition, an email campaign can help you with this by creating a targeted audience for a better open and click rating.

Emails often aren’t read by the recipients, and some never reach their inboxes. The strict spam filters or your personal contact selection is a result of email blacklisting.

Why is it dangerous for email?

Everybody gets nervous about being spammed by a dozen unnecessary emails. Therefore, while emailing, you should send emails carefully so as not to be marked as a spam sender. Nevertheless, if the first attempt at sending it crashed, don’t try again. The email filters don’t just block separate email senders; they also block the server that sends the emails.

While using an e-mail marketing campaign for brand promotion, emails are likely to stay unread by your recipients. This may mean that your email server is considered as spam, and ultimately is blacklisted. Therefore, all future emails sent from your server will appear in a spam folder, despite the contents.

How to remove?

When you are blacklisted, you will be notified that you have been tagged as a spam sender. However, you can create a formal request for your email server to be delisted.

Taking immediate action is necessary. An email marketing campaign is too important for brand promotion. Furthermore, you don’t want your time, effort, or money to go to the spam folder.

How can you avoid ending up in the spam folder?

Research has shown that the average open rate for emails is 64.8% and that the click rate is 13% for 31–45 campaigns per month. However, even such results are considered as success. These indexes vary depending on factors like the recipient, time, and day of the week.

To hit high open rate targets, segment your emails. Create groups of recipients in order not to email all your contacts at once and to sell your products or services quickly. Avoid having your messages go to social or promotions folders, which are supported by almost every email service. Send personalized, well-written, brief emails.

One more way to get your emails opened and links clicked on is to use a short custom link. Generic domains are usually blacklisted because of fraud, so emails with short links containing generic domains go to the spam folder.

Create short links using a custom domain name. That way, only you will be able to create links with that domain and, if you are not a spammer, you won't be blacklisted.

By using the shortening service, you can create your personal branded domain to reach high indexes of open and click rates.