As you may remember, we tested the most popular and usable domain registrars such as 1&1, Namecheap, etc. Nevertheless, the main thing we forgot to tell you was how to choose the best domain name for your site or future short links.

So today, we take a look more closely at the main tips for a perfect domain name.

We think that the ideal domain is:

1. Branded.

The name of the domain should clearly characterize the brand. The association must be with a successful company. It is memorable, unique and brandable.

2. Short.

This step helps you and your customers quickly to type and pronounce a domain name. Moreover, Twitter fans will thank you for economizing characters.

3. Creative.

Be creative while choosing a domain. Extraordinariness will attract more people.
For example, choosing a domain for travel agency don’t use, They are branded but don’t outstanding. Think about associating a domain name with foreign languages or sights.

4. Having the best TLD.

Don’t think that .com is the best top-level domain ever. There are lots of TLDs, which aren't less attractive. The advantage of .com is that it is widely spread among internet users and is the most recognizable. Nevertheless, top-level domains as .co, .net, .org, .xyz, .club become more and more popular. It means that customers get used to facing these domains and are ready to click on them.

Furthermore, the best decision is to buy a top-level domain specially for your brand. For example, .shop (for e-shop), .smm (for SMM-agency), .coach (for a personal domain of coach ), .fit (for a fitness club) and so on.

5. Easy-to-pronounce.

Imagine you go to a business conference, but have forgotten to take business cards or you don’t have them at all. Telling people about your brand, you don't have an opportunity to give a printed website name. In this case, you pronounce the name of your site to have people visit it. If the website name is clear, people will remember it at once and after some time they will inevitably visit it. As a result, the website CRT will increase.

6. Easy-to-guess.

This tip means that a domain name should characterize a basic idea of the website. If after facing the name of your site people at once understand the nature of the business, you may be sure you have a success. The domain name is readable, simple, creative and brandable.

Hope you liked our tips and now you are ready to buy a perfect domain.

Where to buy a domain?

  • From shortening service.
  • From any of domain registrars, which are introduced below.
  1. Namecheap domain service.
  2. GoDaddy domain service.
  3. 1&1 domain service.
  4. domain service.
  5. domain service.
  6. Dreamhost domain service.